Muharram and Muslims

Muharram, and Ashura, a time of remeberance and grief.Muharram and Muslims

This month of Novemebr 2013 marked the month of Muharram and Ashurah, so we thought we would find some interesting information concerning events in Islamic history that took place in this month. 

Below is only a little of what is available on the internet which lists and speak of the events of Muharram. The events can be seperated into three periods:

1) Prior to the birth of the Prophet Muhmmad. 

2) During the life of the Prophet Muhammad. 

3) After the Prophet passed away. 

The information provided is per client request and is representative of the varying opinions. 

محرم (Muharram) means forbidden. Even prior to the birth of the Prophet Muharram was considered a sacred month to the point that fighting and other acts were forbidden therin.

Disclaimer: Please note that Arabic-Daily does not necessarily endorse all the views of any of the sites linked to. These posts, links & resources are solely for Arabic language and Islamic education, research and reference purposes. But they also make for good debate whatever opionion you hold and as one speaker says at the begining of the video disagreement should be kept civil and should never lead to violence, Muslims should debate


Click references below: To get a full picture of events of history you may need to do your own research as we found that one thing quickly leads to questions about something else.