Fees are based on:

1. Location; Online, Local or Outside of Locality.

2. Type of Support; Translation work, Private tuition, Examiner service, Invigilator or other.

3. Number of learners; 1 to 1, 1 to 2, or Group.

4. Private Client, School or Organisation.

5. Whether you PAYG, Pay Monthly in advance, use PayPal or other means of payment.


We have a range of rates, it just depends on your circumstances.

Please use contact details for more info.


Our tuition rates are in line with fairest fees and are competitively priced. Please check website for rates or ask a tutor for details. Fees take into consideration a number of factors some of which are mentioned in the following list:

  • Business taxes and rates.
  • Business banking transaction charges.
  • Website maintenance costs.
  • Travel time & costs (where applicable).
  • Advertising and Marketing.

Apart from the financial overheads there are also matters related to behind the scene time:

  • Administration and general management time.