Arabic for Muslim Home Schooling

Islamic Home Schooling for Muslims: Uloom ul Quran, Tareekh, Aqeeda, Fique, Seerah, Arabic and Tajweed.

Below you will find some tips on homeschooling for Muslims. These tips are not exhaustive and information may be added in the future. These tips are meant as self motivating references in the first instances as well as helpful guides for anyone else thereafter in the second instance. If your homeschooling then get Arabic for homeschooling.




Do you have all, most or just the basic information?

There are a lot of sites that deal with a genearal overview of homeschooling and a book about Muslim Home Schooling. For more details about partcular topic areas you could do your own research or consult the various teachers, scholars and Imams.

  • Teach yourself before teaching others.

  • You may have a limited knowledge base today but it does not have to stay that way.

  • How disciplined and focused are you about Home Schooling?


What do you need?

  • Print outs of worksheets and test sheets.

  • Audios and videos.

  • Books

  • A Tutor


Going it alone can be hard what help might you need and who could support you?

  • Your Spouse.

  • A Parent.

  • An Older Child.

  • A Family Relative or Friend.

  • Other Local Home School Groups.

  • Part Time Paid Help.


How Many Subjects Should You Be Covering or Can You Cover?

  • What do you intend to cover?

  • How much is actually do-able for the moment until you get to the next stage?

  • Are there packages that you could purchase or are they too expensive?

  • Could you create your own?


How are the lessons structured?

  • What topics will you cover?

  • Do you have a basic day to day or week by week lesson plan?

  • How much testing will you include and at what intervals?


Who will be responsible for checking homework?

  • Do you need lots of homework or just basic revision reading times?


While most Home Schooling is done at home some may choose to use other venues or homes other than their own.

  • How much space do you need?

  • Do you intend to open up your home for other children to learn alongside your own?

  • Will you need use of a garden or local park?


If you home school other children along with your own you may want to think about insurance packages.

  • Have you thought of insurance incase of group outings?

  • What if someones child has an accident at your home?