GCSE Arabic pt 2

More Information on the GCSE Arabic Programme

This page is a continuation of the other GCSE Arabic page (Arabic GCSE Tuition).

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How to register for GCSE

If you would like to learn Arabic at GCSE level or pre-GCSE level follow the steps below.

1. Visit the Registration page to fill out the quick & easy form, with as much information as possible.

2. Please supply answers to the following questions.

– Do you require home tuition or online?

– What is your exact location in London or UK?

– What days and times are you available?

– Describe your current knowledge of Arabic?

– What year are you intending to take GCSE Arabic?

Any other supporting information, for example are you a native speaker or what Arabic books do you use at home?

Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements: Ideally around 120 hours of previous Arabic study whether Quranic or otherwise. This course, when studied in UK schools, would usually take 2 years, studying approximately two to three hours a week. Unlike European languages Arabic uses letters and sounds not found in these languages, as well as a writing system that operates from right to left.

Not Prepared?: Try our pre-GCSE Arabic sessions, 'Preparing for GCSE Arabic Course'.

GCSE Arabic at your School: If you are at school and are thinking of taking the GCSE in Arabic make sure you are prepared. Do you have a good Arabic background or do you have an Arabic tutor? Have you informed the school so that you can be registered in time? School registration deadline is usually in February but may also be earlier, depending on the school.

Speaking Paper Structure

You are allowed an A4 sized sheet of paper, with up to 30 words, bullet point reminders for your speaking topic (not sentences or your full script).

The GCSE Arabic oral lasts between 8 minutes minimum and 10 minutes maximum.

In the first half section, for your first theme, you can choose from media, travel or culture.

In the second half section, for your second theme general conversation, you can choose from sport, leisure or work.

Recordings are via a digital device, so speak loud enough for the recording to pick up the oral.

After completing the oral exam the recordings, and exam paperwork, are sent off to Edexcel.

The remaining parts of the Arabic GCSE, reading, listening and writing are taken in June.

Further information and details are available so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Speaking Paper Codes & Themes

Unit Codes:

Unit 1. (5AR01) Listening and Understanding in Arabic.
Unit 2. (5AR02) Speaking in Arabic, (this is usually the first paper to be taken).
Unit 3. (5AR03) Reading and Understanding in Arabic.
Unit 4. (5AR04) Writing in Arabic, (usually the last paper).

The Two Themes:
1) Media, travel and culture, (choose any one area of interest).
2) Sport, leisure and work, (choose any one area of interest).

External Examiner Hire

GCSE Arabic Examiner:

The GCSE Arabic exam usually starts with the student taking the speaking paper first. We can visit your school, as we have done for many schools, and conduct the Arabic speaking paper with the KS4 student.

We also mark GCSE Arabic, writing paper, mock exams.

General Information

Information to be included in oral recording:

-Teacher/Examiner name.
-Centre number and name.
-Candidate number and name.

The microphone should favour the candidate.

A dictionary is not allowed during the oral but may be used in the writing paper.

Oral Exam between: March 7-May 15.
Reading + Listening 16th June
Writing 18th June.

The required forms must be made available for the External Examiner to fill in on the day of the examination as a return trip, to fill in forms, may incur a fee.

Info for language dept’s

In your contact email please inform us of the number of students wishing to sit for the GCSE Arabic oral as well as their Arabic backgrounds.

If students have not already done so they need to start with a topic from the first theme. We are always available for help.

We are also available for extra curricular activities. If you are interested in starting an after school language club try the 'Preparing for GCSE Arabic Course'.

Clients have included

  • Virgo Fidelis Convent Senior School, London SE19
  • The Metropolitan Police
  • Shirley High School, Croydon
  • Tower Hamlets Council, Stratford E14
  • The Archbishop Lanfranc School, Croydon
  • Harris City Academy, Crystal Palace
  • Nonsuch High School, Cheam, Surrey
  • Islamic Centre Madrasa for Muslims, Croydon
  • Ernest Bevin College, Tooting SW17
  • The ARC of London
  • Langley Park School, Bromley
  • Harris Academy, East Dulwich
  • Harris Academy, Beckenham
  • Sunbury Manor School, Middlesex
  • Norbury Manor Business and Enterprise College for Girls (NMBEC)
  • And more…

Please feel free to contact the schools.

Disclaimer: Information about the GCSE Arabic course, as detailed above, was correct at the time of publication. This information is subject to change either by Edexcel or Arabic Daily.