GCSE Arabic 2015+

Now taking registrations for GCSE Arabic 2015 onwards. gcse arabic in 2015


Points to remember:

  • Although you can start from September we may be fully booked by then but you can still contact us for last minute availability. Get a head start and better preparation by starting from July or August.
  • During and after November/December most, if not all slots, will have usually been taken. Late starters may still apply.
  • If your Arabic skills are not strong then you will need longer to prepare than other students, who may be Arabs or have studied in an Arabic speaking country or who have had a lot of previous Arabic tuition.
  • If you are slightly weak it would be advisable to take two lessons per week from the beginning or a few months before the exam.
  • Remember that GCSE Arabic assessments are free but we are unable to offer assessments, or take you on, if you have had little or no Arabic background.
  • You will need to constantly practice your hand writing, if it is not already up to scratch. There are tasks that we set to help develop this skill as well as other skills.
  • You should have an allocated time during the day when you revise, practice and gain new vocabulary.
  • GCSE Arabic exams are no push over so be properly prepared.