Favourite Quotes of the Week.

Just because you can't see air, does not mean you stop breathing. And just because you can't see God does not mean you stop believing.


It makes me wonder… what benefits some of these people get from following Islam?


More people in the world follow some sort of a religion than those who do not. If Atheists want religious people to keep their beliefs to themselves what type of democracy do they really believe in and what happened to freedom of speech?


Christianity originated in the Middle East. Christians migrated to Europe and America bringing their religion with them. Britain is now a Multi Faith society of Hindu Indians, Christians, Muslims and Jews. Do we tell all these people to go back to their own countries because of their beliefs?

And where did the English come from before they came to Britain with their beliefs? Did someone say Vikings and Saxons?  And where did they end up? Africa, India, America, Australia, Ireland, Iraq…


After climategate, there is no more reason to believe a “scientist” than e.g. a political “scientist” or an economist or even a politician. They can all use maths they can all plot graphs and they can all make unfounded assertions. “Science” is no longer a brand that bestows any greater degree of trust than any other group of people.



The Scientist Thomas Kuhn said:

The business of Science is not about truth and reality; rather it is about transient vogues…

pg 2 Under Vogues


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