A-Level Arabic Learner

There are not many place where you can go and study A-level Arabic (GCE Arabic) as a qualification but support towards an A level in Arabic is increasing.

To be able to study Arabic at A-Level it is expected that you will have gained, or have the equivalant level of a GCSE in Arabic.

The course is taken over two years, in colleges around the UK, but it is possible to complete it in one year.

The exam will focus more on your reading and writing skills and less so on listening and speaking but all areas are covered on the course itself.

There are a lot of resources available on Arabic satellite channels as well as a number of bookshops within central London or online texts.

Specification is based on two units each unit consisting of three sections:

1. AS Understanding and Written Response in Arabic.

2. A2 Understanding, Written Response and Research in Arabic.

The themes are very wide ranging, including themes covered at GCSE.

Final exam is marked by Edexcel.

Further info visit Edexcel.com under GCE from 2008 section.