American woman in Jeddah

Marrying a Muslim or Arab: الزواج (Az Zawaaj) Marriage.marrying a muslim or arab

American woman married to a Saudi husband for many years now living in Arabia.

Read about her experiences and view her wonderful pictures on her blog.

Speaking of western, eastern or any woman marrying Muslims or Arabs there is lots of advice, from Muslim and non-Muslim quaters. Likewise for Muslims or Arabs wanting to marry a western, eastern or any nationality of woman they should also seek advice.

This might help to get started:


What to be mindful of:

1. Religious compatability or incomaptability, not just lipservice. Are you religiously inclined? How tolerant are you of certain differences? What differences are a red line for you? What religion will your children be brought up on?

2. Although not as important as religious persuasion you should ask yourself how much you are bothered about the food or customs of your potential partner. And how much do you know about these customs and food. 

3. Would relocating be a problem and is it necessary? What to do if you change your mind and wish to return home? What things are a must for you to survive if you relocate and what things can you sacrifice?

There are many questions, on this topic, you could ask yourself and your partner, so do communicate your feelings.